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Congress is a broken family: Prestone

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Shillong, Jan 16: Stating that Congress is a broken family, Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong asserted that he has not come out from the Congress party because of the chief minister’s post, even he claimed both at the Central as well as at the state level congress is broken as they are divided house now.

“I did not come out from Congress party because of Chief Ministership post, never, so you tell me why I should go back to a broken family,” Tynsong said adding, “Broken into pieces not only at the state level but also at National level you have seen till today they don’t have a full-fledged president of AICC.”

Tynsong, who left the Congress and successfully contested on the NPP ticket in 2018, said that he would never go back to the Congress even if they give him CM’s post.

Commenting on the issue related to the MPCC chief’s post, the deputy chief minister said that the Congress is completely a “divided house”.

“If you talk about the Congress party, it is a divided house. I knew the present MPCC chief in fact he wanted to hand over or not to continue as a president of MPCC, in fact, the incharge has come down to Shillong but ultimately it seems there is no solution, so don’t you think because I have seen in the newspaper be it Charles or Ampareen, even the views of the MLAs, I think we need a new president… So my question to the Congress party is why not solve it, why not just bring in somebody or is there a fight for even appointing an MPCC president if it is, then it is a broken house,” he said.

Taking a jibe at the opposition Congress’s claim to bounce back to power after the 2023 elections, the Deputy Chief Minister has reacted to the claim made by the AICC in-charge Meghalaya Manish Chatrath that the Congress will come back to power in 2023 as he cited that the people of the state are fed up with the present MDA-led state government for failing to fulfill its promises.

“This is not a surprise; Congress can say that they will form the next government. They have to say that because if they don’t mean their existence is gone. All political parties need to say that but whether it is wrong or right ultimately that we leave it to the wisdom of the voters of the state,” Tynsong told reporters on Friday.

“…whoever contested the election even if he cannot secure the security he would still say that ‘I am winning’ even if he is losing his security he would say this time I am winning the election,” he said.

Meanwhile, the deputy chief minister said that he is not aware of Congress MLAs sending feelers for joining the ruling National People’s Party (NPP).


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