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KHADC directs all dorbar shnong to register tenants, to ensure indigenous people are not outnumbered in their own land

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Shillong, May 25: The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) on Thursday decided to come up with a notification directing all dorbar shnong to register ‘tenants’ residing within their respective jurisdictions.

The decision was taken at a meeting convened by the Council’s Executive Committee with over 50 dorbar shnongs from the different parts of Shillong city. This

“We have decided to soon issue a notification under ‘The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council Maintenance of Household Register’ to all dorbar shnongs to register tenants who are Khasis and temporary residents as well as non-Khasis coming from other states,” KHADC chief Titosstarwell Chyne told reporters after the meeting.

“We have also decided to make it mandatory for house owners to inform and get the permission of the dorbar shnong if they want to rent their houses. The same will apply for shops being established by non-indigenous people,” he added.

The CEM also expressed happiness that some of the dorbar shnongs had already taken the initiatives to register tenants much before the decision of the KHADC.

“We are happy that the dorbar shnong are also taking steps to protect the indigenous people of their respective jurisdictions to ensure they are not outnumbered in their own land,” he said.

Chyne said that the decision was also taken after the incident at Madanrting where tribals from neighbouring Manipur have started to come and stay in the locality and are spreading to other parts of the city.

“We have alerted all the dorbar shnongs to check the coming of people from outside not necessarily only from Manipur but from other states, who are coming to stay as tenants,” he said while asserting the need for the state government to set up relief camps to take care of people, who are fleeing from Manipur due to the recent violent incidents.

The KHADC chief further informed that the Council has also sought the cooperation of the dorbar shnongs for checking illegal businesses within their localities.

“We have decided to issue a notification to the dorbar shnongs for checking of trading license. The dorbar shnongs are also directed not to give any NOC without getting the consent of the two-third majority of the executive dorbar,” he said while adding “Clarification was also given that a dorbar shnong has the right to deny issuing of NOC on ground that the trades are being carried out by local people. This is as per the Non-Tribal Regulation Act.”

Meanwhile, the KHADC will also come up with a notification with regards to issuing of permanent residence certificate (PRC) and Domicile Certificate (DC) by the dorbar shnong.

“As per rules of the Council, a person who is an Schedule Tribe of other states, even if he/she is recognized in the state, he/she cannot claim PRC from the state of Meghalaya,” Chyne said while adding that a domicile certificate should be issued to a person, who is a resident of the state for more than 12 years. The dorbar shnongs are also urged not to base only on EPIC and ration cards as documents for issuing of the DC.”

The KHADC chief said he would also soon convene a meeting to discuss on how to implement the Land Act through the dorbar shnong.

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