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Boosting Tourism in Meghalaya: Prayer centre proposed for sacred Wortoh Peak in Ri Bhoi

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Nongpoh, June 23: In a bid to develop Lum Wortoh (Wortoh Peak) in the sacred forest of Raid Nongpoh into a prime tourist destination in the Ri Bhoi District, social activist and local youth Jonh Rymbai has proposed the creation of a prayer center at the site.

This location is notable for the statues of Jesus erected by the Nongpoh Parish.


Lum Wortoh, a sacred forest under the custodianship of Raid Nongpoh, holds historical significance as it marks the migration of people from the hills to Nongpoh, now the headquarters of Ri Bhoi District.

Rymbai, who is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and ecological balance of Wortoh Peak, emphasized the importance of safeguarding the forest and its biodiversity.

In an interview, he expressed his long-held vision of transforming Lum Wortoh into a major tourist attraction. “Converting Wortoh Peak into a tourist spot and a prayer centre requires collective effort,” Rymbai stated. “By doing so, we can truly promote local tourism and establish it as one of the leading tourist destinations in the Ri Bhoi District,” he believes.


Over the years, he has actively worked towards developing the site to enhance its appeal to visitors.

Rymbai has sought permission from both the Nongpoh Parish and Raid Nongpoh to convert the area around the Jesus statues into a prayer center, highlighting its suitability for meditation and prayer. He believes that this dual-purpose development, combining tourism and spiritual retreat, would significantly boost the local economy.

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