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How to get Inner Line Permit (ILP) for Arunachal Pradesh

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Arunachal Pradesh is a state in India who is blessed with gigantic and wide variety of flora and fauna. The history of its beauty stretches down to centuries old. Arunachal Pradesh is also mentioned in a number of Hindu mythological texts including the infamous story of Mahabharata. Arunachal Pradesh has a lot to offer to the tourists who visit this place. With tourist attraction sites and its cultural food and clothing, this place is a must visit at least for once in the lifetime of a person.

The rustic landscape and green environment is a treat to the eyes of the visitors. Ensuring to get the right documents and Permit passes, Arunachal Pradesh promises the tourists an experience of a lifetime. Therefore, tourists must apply for the Permits beforehand to secure their visit to the state and to ignore and misconduct to enter into the borders of the state

What is Inner Line Permit (ILP)?

The Inner Line Permit (ILP) is the official travel document required by the citizens of the country of India to enter and travel in to the states which are restricted areas and share their border with other countries. Arunachal Pradesh is one such state of India. The state of Arunachal Pradesh shares its boundaries or in other words, the international border with the country of China in the North. Therefore the citizens of the other states need the Inner Line Permit (ILP) for security and safety reasons.

The Inner Line Permit (ILP) is issued by the concerned state government. ILP ensures safe and secure entry of citizens of the country other into the state of Arunachal Pradesh. ILP allows inward travel of an Indian citizen into a restricted and protected area for a limited period of time. The ILP doesn’t apply for the native citizens. The native citizens of Arunachal Pradesh do not require ILP to enter the state.

There are two types of Line Permits. The citizens of the country need to apply for the Inner Line Permit (ILP) while foreigners from other countries require the Protected Areas Permit (PAP). The ILP do not apply for foreigners, instead foreigners need to apply for the PAP. The validity for ILP is 15 days. The validity for PAP goes up to 30 days of travelling inside the state. The fee for ILP is Rs 100 per person. The fee for PAP is 30 USD per person.

The request for ILP can be extended from any tourism or government office by the Resident Commissioner. The request for PAP cannot be extended under any circumstances. If there are citizens of other states of India who are working in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, their ILP can be extended up to a year that is for 365 days.

How to apply for Inner Line Permit (ILP)?

The Inner Line Permit (ILP) is required by tourists to get inside the interstate borders of Arunachal Pradesh. There are two check gates to enter in to the state. One is from Assam and the other is from Nagaland. For temporary visitors an ILP is valid for 7 days which can be extended according to the preference of the visitors. An outsider of the the state of Arunachal can apply for any of the two ways of ILP, one if for visiting purpose and the other is for temporary residence purpose. Any tourist who applies for temporary residence can issue an ILP for a year. Do we require any separate permit for vehicle? No. Separate pass for vehicle whether private or hired is not required.

How to apply for ILP online? Inner Line Permit (ILP) price for solo travelers is Rs. 100 and for group travelers also it is Rs. 100. For instant ILP the price is Rs. 400. The ILP can be applied online through the mentioned way below.

Online Permit

First you need to fill up the form correctly with the right information. Your email address will be verified and you will receive an email with your login information. You can select any of the offices to apply for according to your location and convenience. You can choose the district from which you want to enter or select all districts in the form. You also need to fill up your date of visit and return as well as other personal details including your address. Primarily, you need to mention a local reference. This reference does not necessarily need to be a native citizen of Arunachal Pradesh. You can also mention the name of your friend as a reference in the form. Basically, referee name can be anyone you know and is willing to take you as their personal considerate.

When you are done with filling up of the form, you need to attach a passport size photograph of yours, this photograph can also be a recent selfie of yours with a white background. Next you need to attach valid identification documents of yours which includes your personal data and this can include any of the following- Aadhar Card, Driving License, Pan Card or Voter ID Card. You will receive an SMS alert of your application on your registered mobile number which you chose to mention in the form.

Now all you need to do submit the form in the website. The status of your form can be checked by you in the Check Status button in the website where you filled up the form. A group of the concerned authorities will process your form and inform you when your form is approved.

After your application is approved, you need to go the Payment link and pay the price required to complete the process. The Inner Line Permit (ILP) code will be generated after a successful verification of the form.

After the approval of the payment that you have done in submitting of the form, a Print link will be activated by the concerned authorities and will be sent to you through email or SMS. Now, all you need to do is, take out a print of the approved document and carry along with you. You also need to carry with you the original documents of your identity which is to be verified at the entrance gate of the border line of Arunachal Pradesh.

Offline Permit

Also good news is that the Arunachal Pradesh government is planning for a permit on arrival system. Cost for ILP form offline is Rs. 25 per person. To apply for Inner Line Permit (ILP) offline, you can choose any of the give 4 ways.

  1. Apply for ILP at major cities and cities of Assam near Arunachal Pradesh.

Following are the offices in the states and districts and their phone numbers you need to apply for Inner Line Permit (ILP)

Sl.No PLACE OFFICE STD Phone /nes             number Fax
1 DELHI Resident Commissioner,
Government of Arunachal Pradesh,
Aruncahal Bhawan,
Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri,
New Delhi.
011 3013915
2 KOLKATA Deputy Residence Commissioner,
Government of Arunachal Pradesh,
CE-109, Sector-1, Salt Lake City,
033 3341243 3589865
3 GUWAHATI Deputy Residence Commissioner,
Government of Arunachal Pradesh,
R.G. Baruah Road,
0361 452859 456720
4 SHILLONG Liaison Officer,
Government of Arunachal Pradesh,
0364 224247 .
5 TEZPUR Liaison Officer,
Government of Arunachal Pradesh,
Parvati Nagar, Tezpur,
03712 20241 .
6 DIBRUGARH Liaison Officer,
Government of Arunachal Pradesh,
Mohanbari, Dibrugarh,
0373 82560
7 LAKHIMPUR Liaison Officer,
Government of Arunachal Pradesh,
Lilabari, North Lakhimpur,
03752 22186 .
8 JORHAT Liaison Officer,
Government of Arunachal Pradesh,
Jorhat (Rowriah),
0376 320724


  1. Guwahati Airport

Apply for Inner Line Permit (ILP) at Arunachal Pradesh tourism counter at Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Guwahati Airport.

  1. Facilitation Centre

By visiting the facilitation centres with proper documents and passport size photo you can apply for ILP. ILP facilitation centres are available at –

  • Guwahati Asom Paryatan Bhawan near Nepali Mandir
  • Guwahati Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoli Airport
  • Naharlagun Railway Station
  • Gumto Railway Station
  1. DC Offices

Inner Liner Permit for Arunachal Pradesh can also be applied for at the Deputy Commissioner’s Office of 16 districts of the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Time taken by the application process to progress is about few hours to a day that is 24 hours from when it is applied for. Permits are taken every day except for holidays. Applying the permit before 12 pm IST is recommended as many of the offices do not consider the application after that time.

Other Permits for the Border Line Areas

Mentioned below are other permits or passes to enter into the border of the sate of Arunachal Pradesh.

  • Bum La and Pankang Teng Tso (PTSO) Lake in Tawang

It may take upto 24 hours in processing; a special permit is required from SDM/DC office in Tawang. There are two passes; these passes are valid for a single day. After the permit, the final approval is given by the Brigadier Office at the War Memorial Tawang.

  • Kibithoo in Anjaw District

Another pass is required from the Commanding Officer of Indian Army. This Inner Line Permit (ILP) lets you to freely travel beyond Walong towards Kibithoo.

  • Nampong-Pangsau Pass in Changlang District

This pass allows access to travel to Nampong Village which is 12 kms before Pangsau Pass at the India-Myanmar Border. To travel beyond Nampong, permission is required from the Sub Divisional Officer in Nampong. You will receive 3 copies of the permit, first copy to submit to Post Commander, Assam Rifles; second copy to submit to Post Commander, Myanmar Army at Pangsau Pass and third one to keep with yourself. No special permit, except ILP is required to visit Manmao or Miao villages.


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