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REJUPAVE Tech Transforms Subzero Road Construction on Indo-China Border for BRO in Arunachal Pradesh

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Itanagar, Jan 4: In a strategic move to enhance the operational capacity of defense forces, the Government of India has identified the expedited construction of robust road infrastructure along the Indo-China border as a top priority. Facing challenges posed by low and sub-zero temperatures in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, the Border Road Organization (BRO), India’s premier road construction agency, has successfully employed an innovative road construction technology called ‘REJUPAVE.’

REJUPAVE Tech Transforms Subzero Road Construction on Indo-China Border for BRO in Arunachal Pradesh

Developed by the CSIR-Central Road Research Institute (CSIR-CRRI), the ‘REJUPAVE’ technology addresses significant hurdles faced by road construction projects in high-altitude regions, particularly during the winter months. Traditional bituminous road construction often encounters delays or halts due to increased heating time requirements and the rapid cooling of bituminous mix during transportation from the hot mix plant to the project site.

Under the guidance of CSIR-CRRI, BRO’s project VARTAK in Arunachal Pradesh has utilized ‘REJUPAVE’ technology successfully in constructing bituminous roads at high altitudes, including at the World’s Highest Sela Road Tunnel and the LGG-Damteng-Yangste (LDY Road) section near the China border.


PKH Singh, Additional Director General (EAST) at BRO, highlighted the success of ‘REJUPAVE’ technology in reducing production and rolling temperatures of bituminous mixes by 30 to 40°C, with minimal heat loss during transit. This breakthrough enables BRO to extend the working window for road construction companies, facilitating the development of a resilient road network under challenging conditions.

Satish Pandey, Principal Scientist at CSIR-CRRI and inventor of ‘REJUPAVE,’ emphasised the biooil-based asphalt modifier’s role in decreasing heating requirements, preserving bituminous mix temperature during transit, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He noted that roads constructed with ‘REJUPAVE’ in cold climates would exhibit improved long-term durability and enhanced resistance to thermal cracking.


Commercial production of ‘REJUPAVE’ is being carried out by M/s Verma Industries, the industrial partner and licensee of CSIR-CRRI technology, for implementation on a pan-India basis. The utilization of this innovative technology not only addresses construction challenges in subzero temperatures but also aligns with environmental sustainability goals in the ecologically sensitive mountainous regions of Arunachal Pradesh.

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