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AHAM reminds Conrad to fulfil demand for winter capital in Tura on priority, seeks progress

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Tura, June 4: The A•chik Holistic Awakening Movement (AHAM) has reminded Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma to fulfil the demand for setting up the winter capital of Meghalaya in Tura on priority basis and provide updates on the progress of this demand.

In a letter to the Chief Minister dated June 3, 2023, AHAM president George Prince Ch Momin, urged the CM to give due importance to the demand for winter capital in Tura in West Garo Hills.

He reminded that the organisation had, earlier last year, raised the matter with the offices of both the Chief Minister and Governor, but the progress update is still awaited.

“You are aware that it is the aspiration and long-standing petition of the people of Tura and wider Garo Hills to make Tura the winter capital of Meghalaya. This dates back to the time when Meghalaya state was being formed, and the agreement between the founding leaders from the Garo, Jaintia and Khasi communities was to establish two capitals for the state – Tura as the winter capital from October to March, and Shillong as the summer capital from April to September. This agreement has not been honoured and Tura has been deprived of its winter capital status, and disregarded by successive governments which effectively is an injustice to the people of Tura and Garo Hills,” he said.

AHAM also listed out the reasons for the need of winter capital at Tura.


⦁ The Garos are very different from Khasis/Jaintias ethnically, culturally and linguistically. The core purpose of carving out a separate state of Meghalaya from Assam is for the preservation and advancement of local identity, culture and territory of the three ethnic groups in the state. Since the formation of Meghalaya with Shillong as the sole capital, the statehood has mainly benefited the Khasi/Jaintia communities only in all spheres of development and societal advancement as all the state government machinery and resources are concentrated and focussed on Khasi-Jaintia Hills region alone, whilst the Garos and Garo Hills are largely neglected and deprived of their due recognition which is discriminatory in nature as the state equally belongs to all the three distinct groups.

⦁ Good governance calls for decentralization and devolution of power which is essential for a healthy democracy. Establishing the winter capital in Tura will ensure multiple benefits to this region, to Garo Hills, such as

⦁ Governance will be brought closer to the public which in turn will facilitate ease of administration;

⦁ Promote regional development as the winter capital will act as growth poles, attracting investments and creating employment & business opportunities which allows regional development and hence results in balanced and inclusive growth;

⦁ Foster participative governance by splitting power centres which can improve the connection and relationship between the governing and the governed;

⦁ Act as a check and balance to ensure that the policies and developmental programmes are drawn up equally, in fairness and in parallel for both Garo Hills and Khasi/Jaintia Hills regions.

⦁ The location of the current state capital is very far for the general public of Garo Hills which presents a massive logistical issue particularly for the remote rural public. Accessing the capital is not practical and feasible as it involves huge amounts of time and resources which most of these public cannot afford.

⦁ The model of two capitals has been adopted by several states in India for efficient administration and good governance keeping in mind the social and ethnic diversity amongst other reasons. Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh are some of these states to name a few. Meghalaya must adopt this best practice in the interest of the public of Garo Hills who have been long deprived of their due recognition and development.

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